The Warwickshire Retail Crime Initiative Limited (WRCI) is a County wide  Partnership approach to prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in retail and licensed business premises in Warwickshire.

Incident reporting, recording and Information circulation
WRCI has moved  over to use DISC.  You will in due course receive an email inviting you to sign up to DISC. If you are a member and are still trading during the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to sign up early please email - see WRCI

19 May 2020: Access to ASIS has now been removed - please contact a WRCI as above

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3 July 2020: DISC Update

Progress is good despite the impact of lockdown on retail and the licensing industry.

181 people have now signed up to DISC
Members have reported 142 incidents
25 offenders have been identified

21 May 2020 WRCI and DISC Weekly Update

Once again there have been some excellent information reports and incidents put on DISC this week by the members. Thank you all for that. The most notable being the report of an unknown person stealing from a Leamington store, this was circulated on DISC and within the hour the person was identified and arrested , shoplifting on the same retail park. There have also been plenty of reports of excluded persons being turned away at the door by staff as a result of them being on DISC, thereby reducing the chance of theft in the member store. Another good report was from Sainsburys Kenilworth, they reported, a suspected travelling team, these were subsequently caught-and dealt with by the Police. They have been excluded and put on all the retail galleries. It is very encouraging that the new members coming on line are finding it easy to put on reports. Since moving over to DISC Leamington/Kenilworth/Warwick retail have gone from very few exclusions to sixty two. This is as a result of the engagement of the members with DISC.

We have now:

*         Invited 256 businesses and partner agencies to sign up , of these, 136 have signed up. this is an increase of   2 invites and 21 sign ups since last week.
*         Entered 207 incidents reports on the system, an increase of 26.
*         Entered 135 known offender profiles on the database an increase of 14.
*         Had 12 identifications made from the ID sought incidents an increase of 1
*         Published a number of news items and alerts, many generated by continued work with our partner agencies for example, Trading Standards and Warwickshire Business Watch.
*         Generated a weekly newsletter to all signed up members.

All members are encouraged to submit incidents onto Disc, by doing this YOU are helping make your town a safer place to live, work, shop and visit.
If you know of any businesses who would benefit from joining WRCI, or of any members that have been invited but have yet to sign in, please ask them to get in touch with either:
Derek, wrcinorth@wrci.org.uk, or Jared, wrcisouth@wrci.org.uk

19 May 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch updates - read here

4 May 2020: Warwickshire Busines Watch updates - read here

7 April 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch updates - read here

4 April 2020: COVID-19 National and Local Guidance for Supermarkets and other Food Retailers
As a country, we all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the government has given clear guidance on self-isolation, staying at home and social distancing. Food shopping has been highlighted as one of few activities essential to continue.  To ensure our population can stay safe when out shopping, below is key guidance to prevent the spread of coronavirus.   Read hre: Supermarket Briefing

27 March 2020: Warwickshire Trading Standards COVID-19 consumer/business email advice: Working from home? Businesses are warned of mandate fraud
Working from home? Businesses are warned of mandate fraud
As people begin to work from home, this may provide new opportunities for scammers to take advantage of this disruption. Mandate fraud is a scam that thrives in situations where staff are working in isolation, using different modes of communication than normal and are perhaps unable to seek advice from colleagues. Mandate fraud is when someone gets you to change a direct debit, standing order or bank transfer mandate, for example related to a business supplier. Payments are then made to fraudsters, rather than the real recipients. Businesses are advised to look out for any of the following:
urgent payment due to cash flow problems
changes to bank account details
contact from third parties requesting changes to bank details and claiming to act on behalf employees incapacitated by the virus
To avoid problems, ensure all staff are aware of mandate fraud, robust procedures including where necessary enhanced authorisation processes are in place and maintain frequent communications with all staff.  Further advice: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/a-z-of-fraud/mandate-fraud

15 March 2020:  ACS' (the Association of Convenience Stores) has found that retail crime has a huge economic impact on local shops, costing £211 million, but also a direct impact on people working in shops from violence and verbal abuse.  See their 2020 report

9 March 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch newsletter now available here

2 March 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch newsletter now available read here

28 February 2020:  The Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board wants to understand what residents and businesses are currently concerned about in relation to community safety.
Read more here   Complete the survey here

18 February 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch newsletter now available - read here

10 February 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch newsletter now available - read here

4 February 2020: Business Crime Alerts
Theft of clothing from store at Elliotts Field Shopping Park, Rugby View here

21 January 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch newsletter now available - read here

14 January 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch - Business Crime Training: More information here

14 January 2020: Warwickshire Business Watch News published: Read here

9 December 2019: Lancashire Police Business Crime Prevention Guide
Lancashire Constabulary in conjunction with the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner have produced a guide to assist with protecting your business against crime.
Download here

Launch of Christmas Cash in Transit (CViT) Campaign
Read article here

Association of Convenience Stores
We're calling on retailers to share their experiences of retail crime over the last 12 months in our Crime Survey 2020
Complete survey here     Link to ACS

Launch of Christmas Cash in Transit (CViT) Campaign 2019
The British Security Industry partners working with the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) have launched a short animation as part of its effort to educate members of the public about how they can help to keep their communities safe from cash in transit robberies.
Read article here on the National Business Crime Centre

NaVCIS Freight Bulletin November 2019
Download here

15 November 2019: New Federation of Small Businesses reserch; Calling Time on Business Crime

Federation of Small Businesses research shows that for small businesses, traditional crime such as robbery and criminal damage, is just as prevalent as cybercrime. In fact, the average cost of traditional crime to a small business is double that of cybercrime.
Theft, burglary and cybercrime are the most frequently reported crimes for small businesses.
Rather than being passive victims, many smaller firms recognise that they have agency. FSB research shows that the vast majority of smaller businesses have taken at least one ‘deterrent’ measure to protect themselves against traditional and/or cybercrime. But they cannot achieve success on their own.
They urgently need the Government to ensure sufficient funding and resources to improve police capability and capacity. The recent Government announcement of an extra 20,000 police officers is a welcome step in the right direction. However, this does not bring England and Wales up to the European average number of police per 100,000 people. Significant extra funding would be needed to achieve that.
The report shares insights gathered through in-depth survey work and qualitative evidence collected from interviews with FSB members and local business representatives.

7 November 2018:  Today Suzy Lamplugh Trust is launching ‘Suzy’s Charter for Workplace Safety’ to help employers and employees make workplaces safer for everyone. View here

5 November 2019:
Warwickshire Business Watch Newsletter download
National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Newsletter download

21 October 2019: Warwickshire Business Watch Weekly News - New £20 notes

27 September 2019: Business Watch updates
Includes retail crime, View here

27 Sepetmber 2019: It Won’t Happen To Me!’ Crime Prevention Workshop for Warwickshire SMEs
Warwickshire County Council Community Safety Team, Warwickshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire are working in partnership to deliver support to businesses in Warwickshire.
As part of this, we are running a crime prevention workshop to provide information and advice to Warwickshire’s SMEs. You will be given the chance to discuss facts and issues and reflect on what could you improve within your business.
Read more

7 September 2019: Business Watch updates
Includes retail crime, View here

18 August 2019: Busines Crime Training Events
Warwickshire County Council Community Safety Team, Warwickshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire are working in partnership to deliver support to businesses in Warwickshire.
Upcoming events:
Tuesday, 8 October 2019 - Warwick
Tuesday, 4 February 2020 - Stratford-upon-Avon
Tuesday, 21 April 2020 - North Warwickshire
Read More

11 August 2019: Shop lifting reports from Warwickshire Police via Business Watch
Sign up for alerts here

Theft of clothes from The Maybird Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon
Theft of alcohol from supermarket on Warwick Road, Kenilworth.
Theft of fragrances from chemists in Market Place, Nuneaton.
Theft of clothes from store in Shires Retail Park , Leamington Spa.

13 July 2019: Shop lifting reports from Warwickshire Police via Business Watch
Theft of goods from High Street, Hillmorton, Rugby.
Theft of goods from store at Junction One Retail Park, Rugby.
Theft of alcohol from store in Kem Street, Nuneaton.
Theft of watches from store in Wood Street, Stratford-upon-Avon.
Theft of silver bracelet from shop in Henley Street Stratford-upon-Avon.

22 June 2019: Shop lifting reports from Warwickshire Police via Business Watch
Theft of Lorazepam from Chemist in Parade, Leamington Spa
Theft of food from shop in Chase Meadow Square, Warwick.
Repeated theft of coffee from store in the Precinct, Warwick
Theft of food from Service Station, Coventry Road, Guys Cliffe, Warwick.
Theft of perfume from Shires Retail Park, Tachbrook Park Dr, Leamington Spa
Theft of alcohol from store in Parade, Leamington Spa.

12 June 2019: Robbery at supermarket, Church Street, Nuneaton
Police are appealing for witnesses to a robbery that occurred at a supermarket in Church Street, Nuneaton at 20.25hours on Monday evening 10 June 2019.
The robbery is believed to have occurred when a male entered the store with his face partially obscured. He has approached the till area and threatened a member of staff with a syringe, demanding money from the till.
The shop assistant has defended himself with a shopping basket. The offender has then reached behind the counter and taken 4 bottles of spirits, and has then left the area on foot. The shop assistant was not injured during the incident.
Full details here

9 June 2019: Business Crime Training Session: Nuneaton: 30 July 2019
Warwickshire County Council Community Safety Team, Warwickshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire are working in partnership to deliver support for businesses in Warwickshire.
As part of this, we are running a crime prevention workshop, to provide information and advice to Warwickshire’s SMEs.
Full details here

1 May 2019 - Warwickshire Business Watch Newsletter
Welcome to our latest newsletter, which we hope will help to keep you updated on our latest news and provide you with top business crime trends and prevention advice.
Read More: Warwickshire Buiness Watch

24 February 2019 : Guide to Cyber Security for SMEs
If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) then there’s around a 1 in 2 chance that you’ll experience a cyber security breach.  For micro / small businesses, that could result in costs of around £1,400 or might even end the business. New guidance shows how easy it be to protect your organisation’s data, assets, and reputation. Download the NCSC Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses

14 February 2019: Minister for Crime plans to protect shop workers from violence
The Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, Victoria Atkins, is examining options for providing further protections for shop workers from violence and abuse.
The call for evidence is intended to help strengthen the evidence base and look at all options for addressing these crimes.

Chairing a meeting of the National Retail Crime Steering Group today, 12th February 2019, which includes members such as the British Retail Consortium and the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS)
Victoria Atkins will discuss proposals for a call to evidence. These include how to protect retail workers from abuse and violence that often occur from age-restricted sales, such as cigarettes and alcohol.

The Home Office’s Commercial Victimisation Survey estimated that in 2017, workers from the wholesale and retail sector were victim to around 510,000 incidents of assaults and threats, more than twice the number recorded in 2016 (203,000 incidents

The National Retail Crime Steering Group brings government, police and industry together to improve the response to crimes affecting the sector, including assaults and theft. Today the group will focus exclusively on the response to violence and abuse toward shop workers.

Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, Victoria Atkins, said:

No-one should be subject to violence and abuse in their workplace and I have every sympathy for retail staff who have been the victims of these appalling acts just for doing their jobs.
It is important to tackle this issue. Today’s exceptional meeting of the National Retail Crime Steering Group is rightly focussing solely on violence and abuse toward shop staff, to understand what more we can do to protect those in the industry.

ACS chief executive, James Lowman, said:

The safety of people working in local shops is our number one priority and we are determined that our work with the Home Office delivers lasting change and safer local shops.
This includes securing a strong response from the police and criminal justice system to ensure offenders are brought to justice, and to send a clear message that violence against shop workers is not acceptable.
The Home Office will additionally provide £50,000 of funding for a sector-led communications campaign to raise awareness of the wide ranging offences that may be used to address this behaviour.

8 February 2019: ATM Attacks: National problem. Prevent them in Warwickshire
Advice and information from Warwickshire Buiness Watch

6 February 2019: Hunt for men involved in armed robbery at Dordon Co-op
Update: 8 February 2019 - two people arrested and charged
Read More: Warwickshire Police

6 February 2019: Three to appear in court over burglary at Stratford Post Office
Read More: Warwickshire Police

3 February 2019: New look for Business Watch website
The Warwickshire Business Watch website has been relaunched with a bright new look and feel, designed to make it even easier for businesses to access information and advice to enable them to protect themselves from crime. Business Watch has been created in partnership between the Warwickshire County Council Community Safety Team and Warwickshire Police with funding from myself. Administered by my Business Crime Advisor Bogdan Fironda, the revamped site contains many useful downloadable documents and links to advice sheets for businesses.

A new Business Watch email newsletter will be launching shortly so keep an eye on the site at www.warwickshirebusinesswatch.co.uk for more details.

The February newsletter can be downloaded here.

25 January 2019: CCTV images released in connection with armed robbery at Co-op, Heathcote, Warwick
Read More: Warwickshire Police

23 January 2019: Counter Terrorism Policing launches eight-week - Communities Defeat Terrorism’ cinema advertising campaign

Counter Terrorism Policing is launching an eight-week ‘Communities Defeat Terrorism’ cinema advertising campaign.

The terror threat remains high, and with record-numbers of live investigations involving some 3,000 individuals posing the greatest threats, the need for public information to help keep communities safe has never been higher.

This latest campaign aims to increase awareness of the enduring threat whilst highlighting what the public should look out for and how to report their concerns via gov.uk/ACT.

Aimed at a cinema audience, and designed to run during the trailers, the 60-second film will feature bespoke, localised calls to action in an effort to fully resonate with the viewers.  Using cinema to deliver the campaign ensures the message is received with fewer distractions, more impact and to more hard to reach audiences, including younger people.

120 cinemas in nine regions across England, Wales and Scotland will showcase the film. The average cinema attendance in the UK across January and February is roughly 30million. This advert will hopefully be seen by hundreds of thousands of people who will then be better prepared to help police protect the UK against terrorism.

We are inviting partners and stakeholders to promote the campaign and encourage the public to report suspicious activity.

Read More and view downloadable resources: Counter Terrorism Policing Toolkit

4 December 2018: Christmas Mesage from Warwickshire Police

Don't risk a drink drive conviction this Christmas

Motorists across Warwickshire are today being reminded of the dangers of driving under the influence of drink or drugs during the festive period.

With the season of festivities nearly underway Warwickshire Police are launching a publicity and enforcement campaign to raise awareness of the issues around drink and drug driving. The topic is being highlighted across social media and local radio advertising will be taking place across the region. Increased enforcement activity from police officers across Warwickshire will also be in place.

There is no foolproof way of calculating how much you can drink and remain under the limit, or knowing how much an individual person can drink and still drive safely. Importantly, it is hard to calculate how long alcohol may stay in your body if you are driving the morning after so the safest option if you are driving is to drink no alcohol at all. There are plenty of alternatives available with public transport, taxis and sharing designated drivers. Pedestrians are also being encouraged to stay safe during the festive season and to plan safe routes home and to drink responsibly.

Figures indicate that, over the past 3 years, 10 people were killed and 80 seriously injured in Warwickshire following collisions where drink or drugs were recorded as a contributory factor.

The campaign supports the month long winter drink drive campaign (starting 1st December) by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC). Police forces throughout the UK will be working hard throughout December to make sure the roads are safe for everyone this Christmas and Warwickshire Police will certainly be no exception to this. Enforcing the drink and drug drive law is a 24/7 commitment for Warwickshire Police and to reflect this police officers will be enforcing at all times of the day and night.

Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin-Smith for Warwickshire Police comments: "There are still people out there who feel they can gamble with drinking and driving and think they know how much the limit is but the simple fact is, there is only one way of being sure that you are safe to drive and that is not to drink at all. Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. Worryingly, and despite many warnings over the years about the dangers of drink/drug driving, there are still far too many reckless drivers ignoring the devastating consequences. Alcohol and drugs both affect your ability to judge speed and distances accurately and slow down your reaction time. We're urging people to think hard about the consequences that a collision and a conviction could lead to".

6 November 2018: WRCI Board Meeting on 21 November 2018
The next WRCI Board meeeting is on 21 November 2018. Members are invited to attend. If you wish to attend please email your area administrator.
See Contact page for email address.

4 November 2018: Appeal after robbery at shop in Nuneaton
Detectives are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to come forward following a robbery at a shop in Nuneaton.
The incident happened between 10.39pm and 10.59pm on Sunday 4 November at the One Stop in Weddington Road.
Read More

4 November 2018: Police are appealing for witnesses after an armed robbery in Rugby.
The robbery happened at around 5.50am Sunday 4 November at the One Stop Convenience Store in Frobisher Road.
Read More

22 October 2018: Robbery at One Stop shop in Wellesbourne
Police are appealing for information after a robbery at The One Stop in Newbold Road, Wellesbourne.
The incident occurred at around 6.00am today.
Read More

11 September 2018: Business Crime Reduction Partnerships launch new website
The Business Crime Reduction Partnerships  has launched their new website following the reconstitution of this organisation. WRCI is a member.
The National Association of Business Crime Partnerships [NABCP] is the umbrella body representing BCRPs at a national level. It seeks to promote the concept of BCRPs to local and national government and to increase the collective effectiveness of the hundreds of schemes across the country by lobbying for greater resources and influence.
The site has numerous resources including a news and events pages.
The first newsletter can be read here.